DCCse - Data Cable Corp

...byte by bit...

2D Drawings:
Over thirty years of building low volume high mix discrete copper assemblies has yielded thousands of drawings. Each of the drawings has required the creation of ten of thousands of stencils from hundreds of manufactures.  To make a long story short our drafting / engineering group is so efficient we gladly create and publish 2D Drawings at no cost assuming we are asking to bid on the work.

Every assembly has a drawing complete with specific work instruction, bill of material, revision, test requirements label requirements.   They are heavily standardized to ensure variation reduction and guarantee production runs are identical to first articles, day after day, year after year.


Our assembly processes are as automated as possible. 
  • We are outfitted with machine presses and dies for termination of contacts, terminals and lugs including but not limited to AMP, Tyco, Molex, and Panduit, Cinch Amphenol, Erni, LADD, Hirosi, and Honda.
  • Universal terminators are used in the termination of 36, 50, 64 and 68 pin SCSI, Telco, Champ, DS0/1, and Cat3 assemblies.
  • 100% quality tested prior to assembly of backshell / hood and after backshell assembly via CableEye or Cirris Test equipment.